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FightMedicine.net was founded by “The Fight Doctor” Jonathan D. Gelber, M.D., M.S. to promote MMA training, health, and fitness advice.

Jonathan D. Gelber is a doctor, author of The Ultimate Guide to MMA Injury Treatment and Prevention, and columnist who has written for many websites including FoxSports, Sherdog, Bleacher Report, and Bloody Elbow. His work has appeared in several magazines including Muscle and Fitness, Jiu-jitsu Magazine and the international MMA magazine Train Hard Fight Easy. He can also be heard on MMA podcasts and radio stations.

There is a lot of misinformation out there and not all of it will help you make the best decisions. Dr. Jonathan Gelber and the FightMedicine.net team bring together professional fighters, trainers, cutmen, scientists and other medical professionals to provide you with valuable advice on MMA training, health, and fitness.

Remember, Train Smarter – Not Harder!

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