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  1. Boxing for MMA
    Boxing for MMA April 6, 2013 at 5:02 PM |

    […] FightMedicine.NET – The world's trusted resource on MMA training, fitness, and injuries. Making… […]

  2. Grappling with Disabilities: A guide for coaches and teammates - FightMedicine.NET

    […] from all walks of life. We previously featured how MMA and BJJ can help battle bipolar disorder here. In this first installment of Grappling with Disabilities, we at FightMedicine.net along with Aaron […]

  3. Mixed Martial Arts and Mental Health / TapouT® XT™ Blog

    […] a recent guest post written by Jackie Collet on FightMedicine.net named "Battling Bipolar with MMA: The Mental Health Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts" Jackie explains […]

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